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Public Service Over Politics

Public Safety

The continued rise in crime is hurting everyone, especially our most vulnerable.

While not every crisis needs an armed response, people still need to be held accountable when they victimize others.


Finalize SPD contract (2 yrs overdue). We cannot hire effective, unbiased officers when we can’t even finalize a contract.

Expand the Collaborative Policing Bureau to increase the variety of unarmed crisis response options

Homelessness - Photo By Patrick Robinson

RE: Homelessness

In 2005, a 10 year plan to end homelessness was announced.

Nearly 20 years and billions of taxpayer dollars later, the problem is worse than ever.


Diversify our array of shelter options to effectively meet the needs of the under served.

Our current approach to the homeless crisis is multiple agencies working in silos which create poor outcomes, lack of service coordination and resource cost redundancies. I will create an accountable care organization with one centralized intake, who then funds and refers clients to all services. Breaking down silos, saving money and for the first time, creating and holding accountable service providers to measurable outcomes.

RE: Fiscal Responsibility

In a city as wealthy as Seattle, we cannot continue to throw away money on pet projects, failed programs, political theater, and endless planning that goes nowhere. Public Service is about providing a safe, clean, prosperous and healthy city for everyone.

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