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Phillip Tavel for District 1 in Seattle
About Phillip Tavel

West Seattle Community Leader & Administrative Law Judge Phil Tavel declares candidacy of Seattle City Council, District 1

WEST SEATTLE, WASH. -- Phil Tavel, longtime community leader in West Seattle, accomplished attorney, and Administrative Law Judge, is running for the newly-redrawn District 1 Seattle City Council seat, following the departure of Lisa Herbold.

Tavel has dedicated his life to serving the community, with deep roots in District 1. Tavel lives in the Arbor Heights neighborhood of West Seattle, where his son attends public school. An active member of the West Seattle Junction community, Phil previously ran a small business out of Pioneer Square. Tavel says he will bring a deep passion for neighborhood small businesses to City Council. Tavel also brings proven track record of community leadership, like his work organizing over 5,000 community members to push the city to deliver on the West Seattle Bridge.

In his message to voters, Tavel emphasized his commitment to the community and his vision for a more equitable and just Seattle.

"As an Administrative Law judge and public defense attorney, I've seen how local government is failing all of us – especially our most vulnerable. Seattle City Council needs to stop saying 'yes' to everything and re-focus on the basics, like keeping our neighborhoods clean, safe, and prosperous for all. This is a time to focus on public service, not politics.”

Tavel's experience serving as an Administrative Law Judge has given him a unique perspective on the struggles residents face that often go overlooked in Seattle. He has heard hundreds of cases from those in financial distress, and he has seen firsthand the consequences of government inaction. His approach to City Council will be informed by the experiences of the people serves, with a focus on ensuring that all residents of Seattle have access to the resources they need to thrive.

"Seattle deserves a City Council that is committed to delivering on its most fundamental promises. In recent years, the city has failed to keep its citizens safe, its downtown streets clean and vibrant, or its transportation infrastructure reliable. I'll fight for a Seattle City Council that consistently delivers on the basics so that everyone in Seattle has a fair shot at success."

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