Community Action

Phil Tavel has been supporting District one through volunteer action long before he ever started running for office. His involvement in the betterment of the area can be seen throughout the district. Here are just a few of his most recent contributions.....

Cleaning Up Our Green Spaces

On a rainy Saturday, Phil headed out to an area known as the "Eagle's Nest". The location is a known bald eagle nesting area and series of hiking trails that extend into the hills above Harbor Avenue. 

Phil joined Erik Bell and more than 50 volunteers to clean up several tons of waste, in an effort to improve public safety, clean up our green spaces, and return our nature trails back to their original beauty.

Feeding those in need

When it comes to supporting the people of District one, Phil Tavel is not just talk. Many  Saturday mornings, you will find Phil down by the Union Gospel Mission helping to feed the hungry and providing clean socks and clothing when needed.

It's important to listen to the stories of those who are currently struggling, homeless, and/or living on the streets. In order to come together and find a solution on the problem of homelessness, we need to include all sides in the conversation.

Human Rights Charity Gala

Raising money for an excellent organization can also be a lot of fun! West Seattle Bowl provided the setting for the Annual Human Rights Campaign Charity Bowl! Phil Tavel, and crew, happily joined in to support the cause... They didn't do to shabby on the lanes, either.

" With relentless attacks in State Legislatures across the country on LGBTQ+ youth and their families, we have "No Time to Spare" in the fight for equality."


In The Community

Recently, we were invited by "Mama" Fadumo, (a neighborhood organizer and leader of the East African Community at high Point), to join the community in celebration of Eid al-Fitr outside of Neighborhood House in West Seattle (District 1).

We got to break bread with our wonderful neighbors, while also learning more about the culture, the people of the community, and their business needs.

Eid al-Fitr is translated as "Holiday of breaking the fast". This holiday is celebrated by Muslims worldwide and marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan.

Menashe Forum @ Mob Studios

A recent business forum, hosted by Josh Menashe of M.O.B. Studios, brought out the local business owners from District 1. It was an opportunity to meet our constituents and talk with them about Phil's vision for Seattle. We discussed everything from Music & the Arts, to police and public safety.  It was a very positive experience for all of us and an opportunity to hear more from local businesses about their frustrations, hopes, and dreams for the future of Seattle and District 1.

34th Democrats Debate

Photos from the 34th Democrats debate at Youngstown Community Center on Delridge.

Pictured are: Phil Tavel, Preston Anderson, Stephen Brown, Maren Costa, Rob Saka

Phil Tavel Helping at the Mission

Community Action

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Phil Tavel Helping at the Mission

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Endorsed by my " Little Brother" Jack Miller, Owner o the Husky Deli and one of the long-standing unofficial mayors of West Seattle.

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